Morgen komt de Ignis airdrop aan, alle NXT houders die in de blockchain staan krijgen voor elke NXT een halve Ignis coin. Grote kans dat er een dump zal plaats vinden van de NXT coin als iedereen zijn IGNIS coin heeft ontvangen. Veel mensen hebben voor deze tijd snel nogLees verder

Just a quick update for you all! We’re still going through fixing a few of the issues that some of you may have experienced after the launch. Our support ticket system is extremely busy but we’re doing our best to answer your questions as soon as possible, your patience duringLees verder

Na de hype die de afgelopen dagen is geweest was het bizar om te zien dat Verge daalde als ontplofte raket.  Wat schijnt er dus gebeurd te zijn, er is een tweet geplaatst door Marquis Trill. Hij heeft veel invloed en heeft vele volgers. Nu heeft hij het volgende getweet!Lees verder

As the hype for Bitcoin Cash slowly fades away, crypto currency exchanges continue to reap the benefits of increased trading volumes. Small trading fees of 0.25% are hardly noticeable when utilizing these service, but generate amazing revenue during times of increased activity. As we are seeing with ICOs and gamblingLees verder

On the ninth anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, one of the world’s most respected derivatives providers, the CME Group, announced it would launch a regulated bitcoin futures market. Not to be understated, this was a pivotal moment in bitcoin’s history, and quite simply, the future has never been brighter.Lees verder

It’s easy to ignore how simple things are today, and even easier to miss how much larger things will be tomorrow. We underestimate, misestimate, write off exponential as linear and react to the five-minute candlesticks as if they are the whole picture. Everything is relative. Unless we zoom out, weLees verder

Since 2015, people have asked me what I think about all kinds of things in the crypto-securities world. After working on the SEC v. Shavers case, I had the opportunity to speak at several locations, and to consult with a lot of businesses. Each time, I would calmly explain thatLees verder