QJ Wang Ethereum Community Fund (Odyssey Hackathon 2019)

This is the second of three interviews we did at the Odyssey Hackathon, in April. QJ Wang is CEO of the Ethereum Community Fund (ECF), a non-profit with a mission to “grow the Ethereum ecosystem and accelerate the mainstream adoption of decentralized technologies”. ECF is both a fund and a network; it does donations and grants, but it also tries to connect and coordinate the multitude of initiatives around the globe that are working on different aspects of “solving the tragedy of the commons”.

QJ explains how ECF has become known as “the butlers of blockchain” – by helping projects to find resources, avoid common pitfalls, keep focus, and sometimes by nudging them in a “better” direction. She paints a broad picture: not just ethereum, but open source software (and even hardware) in general. “In the end, it is about changing the nature of the game. From a finite game, to an infinite game, in which anyone can participate and everybody wins.”

Interview recorded at Odyssey Hackathon 2019, April 13th.


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