THE Small-Cap Masternode Event of 2020

From the very beginning, we designed and built the 1X2 Project with the long-term vision of becoming a global player in both the Sportsbook and Casino crypto-internet realm. In under one year, we went from concept to creation, with a professional grade Sportsbook offering one of the larger playbooks and most competitive odds in the crypto world. In addition, we followed that with our more recently launched Casino, featuring custom made, professional grade, and provably fair betting games:



By comparison, most betting-oriented projects that launched on or before our inception are either still working on a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), or have already ceased operations that never truly began.

Since creation, we have been busy:

· Completed necessary legal framework of obtaining global licensing, consisting of both company creation/registration in Malta and gambling license in Panama

· Created our own crypto blockchain with custom built, hybrid MN wallet that is still on its original version 1.0, and acquired listings on exchanges

· Launched not one, but two fully functioning, stand-alone betting products

· Successfully navigated to the last phase of our rewards schedule, providing a stable passive income for investors at an attractive ROI%

With this completed, we are now ready to announce the next chapter for the 1X2 Project:


The 1X2 Token is ERC20 compliant, operating on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, we gain access to the large, global audience that Ethereum has built over the last several years. In addition, it will afford us options, such as adding ETH focused DEX exchanges, cross-promotions, Ethereum site-based advertising, arbitrage opportunities, and collaboration with other ETH based projects, to name a few.

The new ticker is 1X2T (like USDT) and will behave as a layered POS (proof of stake) token. Through custom coding, we have made variable ROI% dividends possible, based on the amount held (see chart below):

1X2T sliding scale ROI% chart


We have coded another unique feature into the Token known as whitelisting. This is a system wherein only 1X2T addresses authorized by the 1X2 Team are eligible for the aforementioned staking. All Tokens purchased through Presale are automatically whitelisted, but upon completion, only Tokens purchased through the website will be eligible for the whitelisting and staking rewards.

This allows us to add an incentive of keeping Tokens in an approved wallet, while also curbing inflation by preventing tokens in exchanges and non-whitelisted wallets from staking.

Note however, that once exchanges begin offering Tokens for sale, these purchased tokens CAN be added to any preexisting whitelisted address, and will combine with existing tokens on that address to increase ROI% rewards. On the other hand, tokens sent from a whitelisted address to any address that is not whitelisted will no longer receive staking rewards.

Advantages of 1X2T
The creation of an ERC20 token is to facilitate our next primary objective, which is to create exponential

user growth for both our Sportsbook and Casino. We are at the appropriate launch window due to several factors:

· Reaching the final phase of our MN rewards schedule, ensuring sustainable, realistic passive income through Masternode ROI rewards for the next 8+ years

· Having two working use cases for the Token, before going to an ICO. This is almost unheard of, as the usual format is to hold an ICO and then start building a product

· The impending additions to both Sportsbook and Casino, which will further enhance our two professional betting products and enable us to place more focus on the next task of making 1X2 a globally known gambling brand

· The need for a product with much larger supply and lower, stable price. This is to facilitate partnership agreements we have secured with two top-tier internet sportsbooks

· The impending completion of our own in-house P2P (peer to peer) Trading Platform, which will serve as a critical hub for the entire project

The completion of the P2P Platform will allow direct trading of 1X2 Coin to 1X2 Token, in addition to direct trading of either with both BTC and ETH (along with many other crypto & fiat options). This will create a critical ease-of-use factor necessary for worldwide adoption.

The addition of 1X2T Token to the Sportsbook and Casino brings easily defined advantages, both in attracting a vastly larger audience, and in having a native token with a larger supply more suited for price stability and global betting adoption. In addition, we have secured agreements with other sportsbooks to use 1X2T as an authorized betting token, further increasing its use case and user base. These agreements were not possible with our existing 1X2 Coin, due to its inherently low supply and higher unit price. This brings us to potential effects to the Coin.

Benefits for 1X2 Coin

Short-Term: In addition to creating new opportunities and solving key obstacles, the 1X2 Token allows us to reward existing holders with free tokens based on the number and method of their 1X2 Coin holdings, before the presale begins. In addition to the loyalty rewards, this has the likelihood of creating a short-term demand increase for the coin, where many people who have considered purchasing or increasing their holdings will be incentivized to do so, due to additional tokens being generated from amount of coins held.


· Expanding into the Ethereum public space will increase our project exposure by an estimated 100x+fold. A portion of this new audience will study the merits of buying/holding the Coin

· A percentage of funds raised in presale and ICO will be used to purchase Coin, raising volume and price

· Special periodic promotions in our Sportsbook and Casino will be exclusively in 1X2 Coin

· Our pending P2P trading platform will allow for a far simplified method of obtaining both Coin and Token, even for those unfamiliar with the crypto space

Token Timeline and Specifications

We will begin with our Presale event starting January 6th (see table below), which opened to the public on January 1st. Note that Phase 1 is sold out, and we are approximately halfway through Phase 2, at time of publication.

While the Presale is open to the public at large, when we go to the ICO, it will be restricted to where applicable by law. This will exclude citizens/residents of USA, China, South Korea, and anywhere else where ICOs have been banned by local governments. Also note the ICO & IEO phases will have the token purchase price far higher than price is currently.

Event schedule and rates

As the IEO approaches, the 1X2 Team will aim for a goal of 15–20 different exchanges that have a strong focus on the Ethereum platform, many of them being of the DEX variety (Decentralized Exchanges). This will create a token for our project with far more liquidity than any current MN type coin, while also increasing ease of adoption.

Token specifications

For more information on the Token sale, contact our team who can answer any specific questions here:

Telegram: https://t.me/Token_1x2_invite

Discord: https://discord.gg/McW5un

Twitter: @1x2Token

Other useful info & links:

Etherscan Token ID: 0x933326d0E0A31C9ad9D6709E59282ddDEBe2E8E4

1X2 Website: https://1x2coin.net/

Masternodes.online: https://masternodes.online/currencies/1X2/

CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/1×2-coin/

CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/1×2-coin

1X2 Sportsbook: https://1x2coinsportsbook.com/line

1X2 Casino: https://games.1x2coin.net

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